Best Cash Discount Program for Merchants, Agents, ISOs and Resellers

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Do you know that around 83% of people have a credit card in the U.S., as reported by Statista? You already pay the skyrocketing cost for processing credit card payments, so why not do something about it and save money on these transactions? With the help of the Best Cash Discount Program, you can do just that!

What’s more amazing is that it is free, and it helps you eliminate 100% of the bottom line. That’s right; you can significantly improve your margins while not worrying about keeping a lid on credit card transactions — win-win, right? If you are curious to know more then read this guide till the end, you will be able to make a decision to change the future of your business.

Quick Summary of the Program:

  • No contract obligations
  • Free equipment and signage
  • No confusing customer receipts
  • No PCI compliance, batch header, statement or other processing cost
  • Enjoy the same profits on non-cash payments that you get from cash payments
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Top Highlights of the Best Cash Discount Program:

Free Equipment:

And that’s not all; it will come equipped with their cutting-edge POS software designed to handle transactions without putting any fee loads on you. Your customer will pay the cost for the excellent credit-card service they get.

Free Signage:

Here, the ‘discounted price’ is actually the real price that customers pay via cash. And the ‘full price’ is the actual price + credit card processing cost. This way, your customers will gladly make payment via credit card, and you will enjoy the same profits on both cash and credit card transactions.

No Processing Fees:

No Strings Attached:

Since this model is different from typical cash discount merchant processing service providers, a cash discount program reduces 100% of the cost merchants pay. There are no false promises of discounts on the ‘cost’ because you don’t even have to pay it.

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So…..How is the Program Fair to Your Customers?

  • Everyone Pays Equally: The best customers are always the ones who pay via cash because it is instant, and it is convenient. So if the plastic using customers are also paying the same amount as the cash-paying ones, then is it fair? It isn’t, right? Plus, what will motivate cash payers to use physical money then? That is why a little cost on the convenience of credit card payment is necessary to keep it fair for every customer.
  • Credit Card Benefits: You may already know that using credit cards often provides users with rewards like cash back or some kind of redeemable points. Now, if you are paying the cost for their usage of credit cards, then is it fair that they get the benefit, and you only bear the cost? No, right? That is why the customers need to absorb the costs for the benefits they get.

Having the cash discount program means greater control over the margins and being fair to all of your customers. Is the Cash Discount Program Right For Me? If you are not sure whether it is the right choice for your businesses or not, then ask the following questions to yourself:

  • Is a big chunk of your customer base paying via the non-cash method?
  • Are you getting fewer profit margins due to payment processing cost?
  • Do you want to improve your margins in an easy way?
  • Do you want to charge fairly to all cash paying and non-cash paying customers?

If most of your answers to these questions are ‘Yes,’ then you do need merchant cash discount program. So why wait and keep paying those hefty cost? Get it now and improve your margins from tomorrow.

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Parting Words:

With attractive signage, fast processing POS terminals, limitless credit card transactions, and no monthly/annual cost, you can beat the competition.

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At Shaw Merchant Group we specialize in merchant services agent and ISO development. We are a group of experienced payment processing industry professionals.

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