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5 min readOct 14, 2020
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Anybody that knows anything about business or has spent time with business owners knows that one of the most underappreciated, but necessary services for merchants is credit card processing. Credit card processing is a service that allows businesses to process credit card payments and ensure that their business can accept payments for their goods and services. Without a reliable merchant service provider, it would be very difficult for any business to succeed or get the most out of their payment solution.

Though this is an undisputed fact, it doesn’t mean that it’s easy for merchants to find payment processors. In fact, the process can be quite complicated and difficult without the guidance of a professional to explain the benefits of a merchant service provider and what value you will be able to pass on to your customers through your payment processor solution. That’s where a merchant services agent comes in.

A merchant services agent is responsible for selling payment processing services to businesses and finding them the right solution to fit their needs. Though every merchant needs a merchant service provider, it can still be quite competitive out there if you want to succeed as a credit card processing agent. These helpful tips and pieces of information will help you to know everything that you need to know about selling credit card processing services and being successful in the merchant services industry.

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Why choose to sell credit card processing?

If you are a motivated sales professional, you might be wondering why you should choose credit card processing services to sell out of all the possibilities that are available to you. If you want to enjoy all of the benefits of a high income in sales but also the potential for freedom and residual passive income, then merchant services and specifically credit card processing sales might be for you. Here are some of the benefits that you can expect when you start working in selling credit card processing.

Income Potential

The first and foremost benefit that draws so many agents to the world of selling credit card processing services is the high-income potential that comes along with a sales position in the digital payments business. Not only are upfront commissions high in the payments industry, but you can also earn a lasting income through residuals. This income becomes completely passive after the initial sale and can help you to build a very steady stream of income that lasts a lifetime. If you want to maximize your earnings potential then selling payment processing is a great way to achieve that objective.


One of the best parts about working in sales with credit card processing is that you can have the flexibility that you have always wanted. When you work selling merchant services, you will either operate under a franchise or independently. Either way, it’s a great way to earn a living if you want to have a balance between home and work and move around your schedule as you see fit. The flexibility that a career in digital payments has to offer is unmatched and can mean that the business is highly desirable.

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Help Businesses

If you have a passion for helping businesses succeed and find the solutions that they need to move their businesses forward and a particular talent for pairing businesses with the solutions that they are best suited for, then payment processing sales might be a great fit for you. When you are selling payment processing services, you will be immersed in conversations with business owners that have a wide range of needs. Speaking with them to find solutions that meet these needs will be a large part of your daily responsibilities. It can be quite rewarding to help a business owner overcome the challenges that they face and finally take charge of their business’ payment solution.

Steps to becoming a credit card processing agent

If you want to become a digital payment agent, there are a few simple steps that you will need to take in order to do so. Here are the three basic steps that you will need to follow if you want to pursue a career in the payment processing industry.


The first step in the journey of anyone that hopes to become a credit card processing agent is to plan out how you will conduct business and what the foundation of your services will be. You must decide whether you are going to operate as a franchise under the umbrella of a large merchant service provider or if you are going to operate independently. If you are going to be a franchised merchant services provider, then you will need to select a merchant services provider that meets your needs and puts you in the best position to succeed.


Once you have found your partner to provide merchant services, you will have to prepare an application that shows that you are well-suited to being an agent for selling payment processing services. This step usually involves supplying the ISO company with all the relevant information that they will need such as tax information, identification, bank statements, and other information that they need to process your application and show them that you are dedicated to succeeding while selling payment processing services.


Now that you have been approved under the umbrella of a larger company that gives you the tools that you need to succeed, you can start marketing your business. Once you have done this, you are now a professional in the credit card processing industry! You can advertise your services, close deals with clients, and start to enjoy all of the benefits that come along with selling credit card processing services. To succeed in merchant services or credit card processing, you must follow these steps and take advantage of the resources that are made available.



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