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Shaw Merchant Group
At Shaw Merchant Group we specialize in merchant services agent and ISO development. We are a group of experienced payment processing industry professionals.

Ask any merchant and they would agree that a payment getaway plays a significant role when it comes to processing credit card transactions. When a customer swipes their credit card or makes an online purchase, it is the payment getaway that processes the card’s data sends it to the payment processor securely for authorization.

This transaction information is submitted to the credit card networks and then routed to the issuing bank of the cardholder for the payment to be approved or declined. …

Being a merchant services agent or professional is all about providing merchants with exactly the right services that they need and finding them solutions that will make operating their business more efficient, easier to operate, and more profitable. While many think of processing and POS solutions when the topic of merchant services is brought up, the mission to help merchants operate in the best way possible goes beyond just card processing. One of the best ways that you can provide your merchants with superior service that meets their needs is by becoming a merchant cash advance broker.

Anybody that knows anything about business or has spent time with business owners knows that one of the most underappreciated, but necessary services for merchants is credit card processing. Credit card processing is a service that allows businesses to process credit card payments and ensure that their business can accept payments for their goods and services. Without a reliable credit card processing service and merchant services partner, it would be very difficult for any business to succeed or get the most out of their payment solution.

Though this is an undisputed fact, it doesn’t mean that it’s easy for merchants…

Are you going through different merchant services sales jobs and thinking if you can make enough money from selling merchant services to afford a luxurious life? Well, the answer to this depends on how much work you put in. Since you will be relying on the commission and monthly income you get for each sale, your earnings will directly be dependent on how much you sell.

However, we have created this guide to give you a general idea of how to calculate your earnings and the things to consider when looking at the residual income structures offered by the merchant…

Looking for a career opportunity in sales? Want to get a residual monthly income that lets you earn a commission based on your customers’ businesses? Well, then becoming a merchant services sales rep is the perfect sales jobs for you!

The ways payments are accepted and processed are more than just taking some cash and putting it in a drawer or using the terminal to swipe a credit card for a transaction. Tools, techniques, technology, all have come to play an integral role in making these transactions successful. This is where merchant services sales jobs come.

Merchant services careers belong…

If you are in sales, you may have heard about what a lucrative and enjoyable industry selling merchant services can be. Merchant services are always going to be in demand because businesses will always need to accept payments. While the payment methods may change, the need for a professional and reliable company to facilitate those payments will never waver. In addition, merchant services packages are often lucrative deals that definitely can pay out in a big way.

However, just like any other industry, there are things that you should do and things that you shouldn’t do when it comes to…

The ISO or independent sales organization is the best way to pursue your career in the payment processing business. The ISO builds a relationship with the merchants and solicits them to sign on with your company and rout their payment processing through your credit card processing company. If you want to become a credit card processing agent, keep in mind that this industry is very competitive. You need to do good market research, build a good relationship with merchants, and beat your rival processor to compete. By doing this, you can receive a flat fee for each transaction, the percentage…

Wondering how to become a merchant services agent? Maybe you don’t know how the credit card processing program works and want to understand its basics? Well, whichever reason has brought you here, this comprehensive guide will help you understand how to become a merchant account reseller and how the merchant account reseller program works, along with many more useful things. So with that said, let’s get started: Process of Becoming a Credit Card Processing Reseller Program Agent: The process is not really hard; you just need to understand who is who and what is what and you will be quickly…

If you are a merchant services agent, then you know the benefit of having a credit card processing ISO program provider that you can trust and depend on to provide quality services to your merchants. Even though any credit card processing agent will tell you that a processing program that is high-quality is of utmost importance, it is still difficult to try and find a program that fits your needs. That’s because with all of the options, it can quickly become a messy, tricky process.

To provide you with some guidance as to the best credit card processing agent programs

Wondering if selling merchant accounts is a good career for you? Maybe you are about to become a merchant services agent but don’t know how secure this industry’s future is? Well, to help you have the answers to both of these things, we have created this in-depth guide.

We will go over the growth potential of the industry, the benefits of joining the merchant services agent program, its potential pitfalls, and whether you can become a good merchant services sales rep or not. So with that said, let’s get started:

How Is The Industry Doing?

Before jumping into the river…

Shaw Merchant Group

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